LOOK: You can get tickets to an NFL game this week for under five dollars

If you've ever wanted to go to an NFL game and you have five dollars in your pocket, then this is the perfect week to do it. 

As of Thursday afternoon, there are actual NFL tickets that are selling on the secondary market for under five dollars. Of course, like all good deals, these tickets do come with a catch: You need to live near Buffalo, have a high tolerance for cold weather and be willing to sit through three hours of a Colts-Bills game. 

If you can handle those three things, then these are the perfect tickets for you. The cheapest tickets for Sunday's game in Buffalo are currently being sold by VividSeats.com, where multiple four dollar tickets are currently on sale. 

Tickets to the Colts-Bills game are selling for four dollars.  Vividseats.com

A beer at the game would literally cost more than twice the price of your ticket. 

If you're not a fan of the nosebleeds, Stubhub has some better seats that you can pick up for the low, low price of just $10. If you want end zone seats that are just six rows away from the field, you can purchase them for just $10. 

You can get end zone seats at the Colts-Bills game for just $10.  Stubhub

That's almost close enough for you to throw a NSFW object on the field. 

The biggest downside of the cheap tickets, besides the fact that you have to watch the Colts, is that the temperature at the game is only supposed to be about 30 degrees. 

On the other hand, the biggest upside is you'll get to hang with the Bills Mafia and if you drink enough with them, you won't even notice the cold temperatures or the fact that you're being powerbombed through a plastic table. 

If you get to witness something like that in person, wouldn't that alone be worth $4?

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