Luke Kuechly accidentally gave (fake) injury information to former teammate Josh Norman

Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, and Josh Norman were teammates with the Carolina Panthers for four seasons. Newton was the No. 1 overall pick in 2011, and he was joined the following year by No. 9 pick Kuechly, and No. 143 pick Norman. All three players quickly blossomed into perennial Pro Bowl-caliber talents. Norman left the team in 2016 after his franchise tag was rescinded, but the trio remain friends. 

That's the backdrop for a hilarious exchange that occurs during this season of Amazon's "All or Nothing," which spotlights the Panthers' 2018 season. In one scene, Newton and Kuechly are on a phone call with Norman, chatting as old friends do. After spending about 30 seconds razzing on Norman for various things, Newton tells his pal that the duo are about to go watch film. 

But before they do, Norman pops in with a question. And what happens is that we all discover you cannot trust Luke Kuechly to keep a secret.

NORMAN: "Hey, is [Greg] Olsen playing this week?"

KUECHLY: "Nope." 

NORMAN: "Why not? What happened?"

NEWTON: "Come on, bro."

KUECHLY: "What?"

NEWTON: "You can't tell."

NORMAN AND NEWTON: [hysterical laughter]

NEWTON: "Damn, Luke. What the f--k? Who team you on?"

The exchange is even more hilarious because, well ... Greg Olsen did not even sit out the Panthers' game against Washington that week. He caught four of seven passes thrown in his direction, totaling 48 yards. The team ended up losing 23-17 anyway, but still. 

Anyway, Newton threw two touchdown passes in that contest, but he was also intercepted by Norman early in the second quarter. Newton also had nine rushing attempts, but he was not tackled by Norman on any of them.

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