Man sues casino over losing $500K during Super Bowl weekend while drunk

In a headline fit for The Onion, a local area man is suing a Las Vegas casino claiming he lost $500,000 betting while drunk over Super Bowl weekend. in Las Vegas (via The Big Lead) reports that Mark Johnston is filing a lawsuit against the Downtown Grand claiming that they took advantage of him by letting him gamble while drunk.

"I feel like they picked my pockets," Johnston said. "I feel like they took a drunk guy . . . like a drunk guy walking down the street, and you reach in his pockets and grab all his money."

Suing someone for letting you gamble while drunk kind of feels like suing someone for eat while you're hungry. 

And he didn't lose the money on an actual Super Bowl bet, apparently? Just while betting on various things during Super Bowl weekend?

So this guy went to Vegas and thought he might win some cash and have some fun. He had too much fun and he lost all his money (and, I'd guess, more than expected). Now he's down $500,000 and he's mad. 

No idea what he thought was going to happen but at least he's not propagating the idea that we live in an obnoxiously litigious society. 

In totally unrelated news:

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