At 20, Steelers rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster is the NFL's youngest player. He doesn't have a driver's license or own a car, and he commutes to work on his bicycle -- save several days last week when his bicycle was stolen.

We know this because Smith-Schuster posted a note about his plight to social media:

And this, along with teammate Antonio Brown's promise of tickets to a Steelers game upon the bike's safe return, prompted a city-wide search for Smith-Schuster's primary mode of transportation around the city.

That same night, a man going by DJ, who said he bought a bike off a guy on the street for $200, saw Smith-Schuster's story on the 11 o'clock news.

"I looked at the bike and I looked at the TV, and I looked at the bike and I looked at the TV, and I said, 'Oh s---, that's the bike I bought," DJ told KDKA-TV's John Shumway.

DJ said he knew nothing of the reward when he called authorities to turn the bike in.

"The police came back to me and said there was a reward, and I said that's not why I returned it, but when I heard it was tickets to a Steelers' game, I was like, I wanted them tickets 'cause I've never been to a Steelers game in my life," DJ said.

More than a week later, DJ hasn't heard from the Steelers.

"I called and left two messages," he said, adding that friends were jockeying for the extra ticket. "You taking me to the game, you taking me to the game, and I said, 'I don't have the tickets, Antonio Brown has not called me back.'" 

 So DJ contacted Shumway for help.

The Steelers are currently on their bye week, which means players aren't at the facility and many of them aren't in Pittsburgh. But the team was able to contact Brown who vowed to keep his word and send DJ to a game before the end of the 2017 season.

Added bonus: Primanti Bros., the Pittsburgh sandwich shop that offered up a week's worth of free sandwiches for the return of Smith-Schuster's bike, is also ready to make good on its promise.

Finally: Smith-Schuster says he's more than happy to repay DJ the $200 he originally paid for the bicycle.

And before you accuse DJ, Shumway reports that police and local businesses vouched for DJ's honesty, and DJ even produced a cell phone video of the person he said solid him Smith-Schuster's bike trying to sell him another bike. When DJ confronted him, the man ran off.