Manning Brothers bust out 'Football on Your Phone' rap for DirecTV

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning were spotted in New Orleans wearing some funky costumes, prompting many to suspect they were dressed up as rappers for a DirecTV ad. Those people were right and "Football on Your Phone," their first hit single, was dropped to the world Tuesday.

It would appear the folks at USA Today's "For the Win" got the exclusive on the video, presumably for agreeing to make 10 million GIFs breaking down the video and crashing my browser helping it go viral). We have no problem with this, but only because they GIF'd Eli smashing through Alexander Graham Bell's head.

But the video is live for the world to see (below) and enjoy in GIF form (above). You'll almost certainly be over-exposed to this commercial by the time real football starts, but for now just sit back and enjoy the Manning family pulling off their best SFW "D*ck in a Box" imitation for football selling purposes.

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