Marcus Peters mocks Raiders with crotch-grabbing TD celebration on game-sealing pick six

There has been a lot of money pulled out of Marshawn Lynch's pocket over the last decade for obscene gestures as he flies backwards into the end zone for a touchdown. We've been talking about Lynch's "signature" celebration since 2014 and the NFL has not appreciated it each and every time.

Expect the league to find a new target for a fine after Monday night's 33-13 blowout win by the Rams over the Raiders in Marcus Peters, an Oakland native just like Lynch, who gave a shoutout to his hometown with a backwards dive into the end zone on a late-game pick six of Derek Carr

We'll get to the full layers of this in a second, but first, the crotch grab in question (oddly completely uncensored by NFL social media, maybe we should have late-night MNF games more often):

So, the logical thought here is that this is disrespectful to Lynch and the Raiders and Oakland. But, as I noted, Peters is indeed an Oakland native and he is actually very close with Lynch. 

You'll recall last season when the Chiefs (Peters' old team) and Raiders played and Lynch stepped on the field to settle down a situation involving Peters that ultimately resulted in Lynch being tossed out of the game. The two would later ride home on the train together and Peters came forward to speak on Lynch's behalf at his appeal hearing for the ejection.

But the two have dabbled in some aggressive smack talk previously, so it's entirely possible Peters was deciding to take matters into his own hands (literally) here and send a message. He appeared to be looking at either the sideline or the stands -- if it was the former, he was definitely looking at his own teammates, and if it was the latter, perhaps he was signaling to some friends and family that could be Raiders fans. 

His teammates liked it -- Jared Goff swarmed him after the INT ended in a score and said after the game how he got amped up for the celebration. 

"Those guys on defense, especially Marcus and Aqib, with the personality they have and the swagger they have, when they make plays like that, it's so exciting and so fun," Goff said afterward. 

Hopefully Goff likes it enough to help pay the inevitable fine coming Peters' way when the NFL wakes up on Tuesday and reviews the tape. 

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