Marcus Peters on how he gets over bad plays: 'I’ve had the f---- it syndrome for a long time'

For what might be the first time in his NFL career, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters is struggling. 

Peters came into the season having allowed the league's lowest passer rating on throws in his direction since he entered the NFL, while also recording the league's most interceptions. He started off this season on a similar hot streak, yielding only two catches for eight yards during his first two games with the Rams. Those two catches came on a total of five targets, one of which was intercepted. 

Peters injured his calf early in Week 3, and since then, he has been getting burned pretty consistently. He's given up 12 catches for 217 yards and five touchdowns over the past three games, according to Sports Info Solutions. That's a 136.9 passer rating that ranks 183rd among the 200 players targeted in coverage at least five times over that three-week span. 

But Peters isn't worried. He has a short memory, and he's able to get over his bad plays. 

"I've had the f--- it syndrome for a long time," is one heck of a quote. And it's one a cornerback kind of needs to have in his head these days. NFL pass offenses are better than ever, and it is inevitable that corners will get beat every once in a while -- and even that they'll experience a particularly bad string of games like Peters has had over the past few weeks. But eventually, talent shines through. It should for Peters, sooner rather than later. 

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