The Chiefs were thought to have suspended Marcus Peters for their upcoming clash with the Raiders for tossing an official's flag into the crowd a week ago. But on Saturday, more information regarding the suspension emerged, which provides a better explanation behind the Chiefs' decision to suspend arguably their best defensive player before their biggest game of the season.

According to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, Peters also got into a verbal spat with a coach on the way to the airport after the game, which along with the flag tossing, played a role in the suspension. Garafolo explains below on "Good Morning Football" ... 

According to NFL Network's Michael Robinson, Peters is "apologetic."

"I spoke to him this week, very much apologetic," Robinson said. "He hates the way this thing came out."

Robinson added that the absence of safety Eric Berry has impacted Peters. Berry lost his season back in Week 1 to a ruptured Achilles tendon.

"I think the loss of Eric Berry has done some damage to Marcus Peters on a personal note -- just not being able to have that guy like an Ike Taylor in that locker room to be able to lean on when you're going through some stuff," he said.

The initial incident occurred late during the Chiefs' loss to the Jets. After the Chiefs' defense picked up another penalty, Peters got so frustrated he picked up the flag and threw it into the seats, which drew another flag.

Peters actually thought he was ejected from the game, so he left the field before returning (sans socks).

But even he couldn't save the Chiefs from dropping their sixth game in their past seven. And so, they're now locked into a three-way tie atop the AFC West with the Raiders and Chiefs. They play the Raiders on Sunday and they'll be without Peters, because they suspended him earlier this week for one game. Now, we know all of the reasons why they did so.

This year, Peters has three interceptions. Since he entered the league in 2015, he has 17 picks -- the most in that span among all players. So, the Chiefs will certainly miss him in what should be considered a must-win game -- a game that will play a huge role in determining the fate of the AFC West.