Marcus Peters says Rams need to eliminate the big plays with the undefeated 49ers up next

The Los Angeles Rams' defense appears to have a problem. 

We all were surprised when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dropped a franchise record 55 points on them in Week 4, and the Rams followed up that abysmal performance with a one-point loss to the divisional rival Seattle Seahawks the following Thursday night. 

Both games were highlighted by big performances from the opposing quarterbacks. Jameis Winston played arguably the game of his career, throwing for 385 yards, four touchdowns and one interception against the Rams. Russell Wilson also took advantage of their secondary, furthering his MVP case by throwing for 268 yards and four touchdowns. 

That's a total of eight touchdowns that have been thrown on the Rams over the past two games, and with the undefeated San Francisco 49ers next up on the docket, something needs to change quickly. 

Cornerback Marcus Peters says that he thinks the problem could be a quick fix, as the Rams still have the talent on paper to make a return to the Super Bowl. It's all about getting back to basics. 

"We just gotta just go back to fundamentals," Peters said, via the Los Angeles Times. "Everybody just do their job and line up and just play our ball."

Peters believes that the defense as a whole is responsible for the two straight losses, not just the secondary. They may be the guys who you see getting beat on long passes, but playing defense is a collective effort.

"I don't think it's just as far as the defensive backs," Peters said. "It's the defense, period. Just all of us, just harping on it, just how to play better defense overall. How do we get off on third downs. How we can create some more turnovers. And just how we eliminate the big balls."

"The big ball's the thing that's been occurring these last few weeks, and just eliminate it." 

The Rams' matchup with the 49ers will be a good test to prove Peters' theory. Jimmy Garoppolo's deep ball hasn't made as many headlines as Winston and Wilson's this year, but they do have one of the best rushing attacks in the league. Is this a good thing since the secondary may not be tested like in weeks past? Or is the defense as a whole to blame, like Peters hypothesizes. 

In their 31-3 win over the Cleveland Browns on Monday night, the 49ers rushed for a total of 275 yards, which is more than the 180 yards of total offense the Browns recorded as a team. San Francisco is dangerous because they can hurt you in several different ways. They can establish tempo with the run and then catch you off guard with a 60-yard bomb to Marquise Goodwin

The Rams once again have their work cut out for them defensively this week. Another loss will drop them to .500 on the year. 

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