Thanks to a video that emerged on Wednesday, Philadelphia wide receiver Riley Cooper is probably going to be a little uncomfortable the next time he's in the Eagles locker room. In the video, Cooper is caught on camera using a racial slur while attending a recent Kenny Chesney concert. 

Cooper may also be uncomfortable the next time he's on a football field because there's a $1,000 bounty on him. Marcus Vick -- the brother of possible Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick -- tweeted on Wednesday that he'll give $1,000 to anyone who takes Cooper out. 

Marcus Vick offered a bounty for Riley Cooper on Twitter. (USATSI)
Marcus Vick offered a bounty for Riley Cooper on Twitter. (USATSI)

This isn't the first time that Marcus Vick has taken to Twitter to express his opinion on something -- he also compared the George Zimmerman trial to Michael Vick's legal woes, asked the Eagles to trade his brother, and made fun of the Arizona Cardinals -- but this is the first time he's offered a bounty on someone. 

What Cooper said was deplorable, but lets all remember, two wrongs don't make a right. Michael Vick was asked about Marcus' tweet on Wednesday, "I don't agree with what my brother is saying," Michael told the Philadelphia Inquirer.   

Marcus Vick has since deleted the bounty tweet, but you can still see it in the screengrab above. 

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