Mario Williams' ex-girlfriend alleges he texted 'suicidal' thoughts

Mario Williams' lawsuit to retrieve his engagment ring took a nasty turn. (USATSI)

We recently noted that Bills defensive end Mario Williams decided to sue his former fiancée in order to get a $785,000 engagement ring returned. In response, Williams' former ladyfriend has upped the ante to a whole new level.

Specifically, Erin Marzouki and her attorney, Tony Buzbee, are alleging that Williams used the phrase "suicidal thoughts" in a text to Marzouki.

"No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts," Williams allegedly texted to Marzouki, per the Associated Press.

Buzbee claims to have copied that text -- among others -- from his client's phone. The others are also bad news. Williams allegedly wrote that he took three hydrocodones before a Bills game against the Patriots and when Marzouki allegedly told Williams, "Why don't you talk to someone? Clearly you're not happy & if your takin pills that's bad," Williams responded by allegedly writing "there's no telling what I'll do to myself."

"I need to go back n my shell. There's no telling what Ill do to myself at this point. I'm sry Ill disappear from now on."

Additionally, the attorney alleges Williams "experienced dramatic mood swings."

“Texas law says that if the man breaks off the engagement, the woman keeps the ring,” Buzbee said per the Houston Chronicle. “Mr. Williams experienced dramatic mood swings throughout the engagement. It was during one of his low points that he broke off the engagement for the last time this past December. It was only after Ms. Marzouki refused to take him back that he became angry and filed this frivolous case."

The two parties met with a mediator for three hours on Friday but were unable to come to a resolution on the case.

That's a shame because it's an obviously painful split that's becoming increasingly public and probably not too pleasant for the Bills star.

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