Mario Williams sues to get back $785,000 engagement ring

Mario Williams looks like someone who can't believe he spent that much on an engagement ring. (USATSI)
Mario Williams signed a $100 million contract last offseason to join the Buffalo Bills. But even before his huge payday, money was no object when it came to buying an engagement ring for his then-fiancée.

Specifically, Williams paid $785,000 for the 10-carat behemoth. For some perspective, the median home price in Buffalo is $94,000 -- more than eight times less than the price of the ring.

But not even nearly $800,000 worth of diamonds can ensure marital bliss: Williams and Erin Marzouki broke up this January and, understandably, Williams would like the ring back. And he's willing to sue to get it.

“(Marzouki) never intended to marry (Williams) and used the relationship as a means to get to (Williams’) money and acquire gifts,” read the lawsuit, filed by Houston attorneys Monica Schulz Orlando and Michael Gary Orlando (via the Houston Chronicle).

According to the suit, Williams gave Marzouki the engagement ring in February 2012. He also gave her an American Express card, which she charged $108,000 in 2012, as well as "additional luxury items" worth approximately $230,000. But Marzouki "unilaterally terminated" the relationship in January 2013 and then refused Williams' request to return the engagement ring, the lawsuit claims.

Via the Chronicle, "Williams’ attorneys are seeking a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction preventing Marzouki or her associates from selling or damaging the ring or keeping any proceeds from the sale of the ring. Williams is entitled to recovery of the ring, they say, under a 'conditional gift rule' recognized by Texas courts."

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