Mark Wahlberg leaves Robert Kraft hanging on high-five after Patriots TD

Marky Mark doesn't do high-fives. (CBS)
Marky Mark doesn't do high-fives. (CBS)

Apparently, Tom Brady isn't the only one who has problems getting high-fives in New England. It's an issue for Robert Kraft, too.

After Brady threw a 6-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots owner looked for a high-five from Mark Wahlberg, but Marky Mark left him hanging. 

Kraft even gave Wahlberg TWO shoulder taps, but Mr. Funky Bunch was unfazed and ignored Kraft until several seconds later. 

Wahlberg probably isn't going to be invited back to the owner's box. 

And because we're big The Price is Right fans, there's this version of the high-five:

Just to refresh your memory, here's Brady getting snubbed. 

You can follow the Raiders-Patriots game here

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