After this weekend, the Dallas Cowboys will have just one preseason game left until the kickoff of their 2019 regular season, but that's not stopping arguably their best player from remaining in Mexico to extend his summer-long holdout.

Or from his new trainer calling Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott a "bum."

Star Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott was recently spotted returning to Cabo, where he's spent nearly a month, after a brief return to North Texas. And now, despite reports of the Cowboys offering him what would be the second-largest RB contract in the NFL, Elliott appears bent on staying in Mexico, where Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk said he'll be training the two-time Pro Bowler.

Faulk appeared on The Rich Eisen Show this week to confirm his connection with Elliott -- and defend the running back's contract demands to the point of questioning whether Zeke's own QB deserves the big money he'll inevitably get.

"This kid has basically carried this team the past three years," Faulk said of Elliott, before suggesting Prescott will be a "bum" once he gets paid and criticizing the Cowboys' recent decision to reward another player with a big-money extension. "I'll be honest with you: If I'm Zeke, and I was sitting down, and I saw that they signed Jaylon Smith, I'm pissed. I'm just saying, I'm pissed."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, of course, seemed to use Smith's new five-year, $64 million deal to take veiled shots at Elliott, telling reporters "it is neat that Jaylon understands that when you have a solid roster ... you have to allocate your resources wisely to keep and have all of those players." That continued weeks of jabs from both sides, with Jones making a "Zeke who?" joke after Elliott backup Tony Pollard's preseason debut, Elliott's camp reportedly declaring the RB will not play in 2019 without a new contract and Jones at one point suggesting Dallas doesn't "have to have a rushing champion to win a Super Bowl."

At this point, it remains unclear whether Elliott, who's due to make $7.9 million in 2019 on a rookie contract that runs through 2020, will be locked up ahead of the Cowboys' season opener vs. the New York Giants.