Marshawn Lynch might not have to pay $50K fine for avoiding media

Marshawn Lynch probably won't avoid the media after Saturday's game against New Orleans. (USATSI)
Marshawn Lynch probably won't avoid the media after Saturday's game against New Orleans. (USATSI)

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Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch decided not to talk to the media this season, so the NFL decided to fine him $50,000. On Wednesday, Lynch announced on his Facebook page that he didn't owe the NFL anything because he had filed an appeal and won it. 

That's only partially true though. 

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello cleared things up on Wednesday night by explaining that Lynch didn't technically win his appeal, which was heard by NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson, but Lynch can avoid the $50,000 fine. 

"Ray Anderson heard the appeal and decided to hold the $50,000 in abeyance for now after Lynch committed to complying with league policy and with the understanding that any further violation will result in the $50,000 being collected and a minimum fine of $50,000 more being assessed," Aiello said in a statement, via the Seattle Times

So basically, Lynch was fined $50,000 for not talking to the media and the only way for him to avoid the fine is by talking to the media. If Lynch decides not to talk to the media again, he'll be looking at a minimum fine of $100,000. 

In case you're wondering what happens when Lynch does talk to the media, here's a small taste. The press conference below is from Jan. 3. Lynch said a total of 75 words while answering nine questions over 90 seconds before calling it a day. 

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