Former Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch, as has been rumored in recent weeks, is interested in un-retiring and is on the verge of an NFL comeback. He’s supposedly been visiting and talking to his hometown Oakland Raiders, but if those discussions don’t lead to a deal, he’s reportedly interested in another very interesting destination. 

Well, that would certainly be quite something. 

The Patriots are in the market for a power component to their current running back trio of Dion Lewis, James White, and Rex Burkhead. They’ve been in contact with Adrian Peterson, though his visit to New England ended without a deal. There’s been speculation that the Peterson meeting was intended to convey to free agent starter LeGarrette Blount that the Pats have other options, and that he should lower his asking price. It’s possible that any interest in Lynch could be part of a similar strategy, even if he does make sense as an option for the Patriots. 

Lynch ending up in New England would be a fascinating story given the circumstances of the last game he played against the team. It should be noted that the Seahawks still own Lynch’s contractual rights and would have to agree to either trade or release him before he could play for another team, something they might not be as willing to do if they believe he’s headed to Foxborough rather than Oakland.