The Saints and Seahawks are squaring off on Monday night, but neither side is nearly as entertaining as Marshawn Lynch, the former Pro Bowl running back. Always one to deliver colorful commentary, the longtime Seahawks star was the first guest on Peyton and Eli Manning's ESPN2 broadcast of Monday's Week 7 finale, and he had no shortage of quips. In between a live F-bomb and jokes about the Manning brothers' legacy, Lynch also pondered a hypothetical comeback with the Buccaneers and recounted stories of teammates hunting Skittles for him during his game days.

"Oh, shit," Lynch said when asked if he'd return to the NFL if Tampa Bay offered him a contract this week. "No. As much as I would love to go (play) with TB, I just ... nah, I'm satisfied where I'm at. And I would have some stipulations ... It would probably work out for me, because I wouldn't wanna run too much. If I could take one of ya'll with me so (you) could be sitting on the bench having conversations like this, hell yeah."

Lynch, 35, hasn't played since 2019, when he had a one-year second stint with Seattle. But after admitting he took three shots of Hennessy in preparation for his "Monday Night Football" appearance, he recalled his playing days with joy, adding that his perceived obsession with candy was real throughout his playing career.

"What they (my teammates) did was, if we was having a bad night, they for sure would go to the depths of the Earth to find some candy for me," he said. "(They'd be like) 'Is your mama in the stands? I'm gonna go find your mama so we can get some candy for you.'"