Marshawn Lynch to star in reality show and Facebook is paying millions for it

If you missed Marshawn Lynch during his season away from the NFL, you're in luck. Beast Mode isn't just back on the field for the Oakland Raiders, he's also set to have his own reality show. 

On Tuesday, Reuters' Jessica Toonkel reported that Facebook is paying Bleacher Report millions of dollars to make a reality show on Lynch, which will be called "No Script." According to Reuters, the first episode will involve Lynch "taking racecar driving lessons until he ruins the tires of the car," which sounds like something that would only be entertaining if it involved someone as charismatic and charming as Lynch. 

The eight episodes will each be 10-15 minutes long and will start streaming this month.

"We think we have a big hit on our hands," president of Bleacher Report Rory Brown said, per Reuters. "People are going to spend more time on Facebook because of it."

The only downside for viewers? Facebook might censor Lynch's use of profanities.

"I wouldn't be shocked if that ends up being censored," Brown said.

Lynch, who retired for the 2016 season, joined his hometown Raiders this offseason after an incredibly successful stint in Seattle, where he rushed for 6,347 yards and 57 touchdowns in six seasons and provided more than a few iconic moments. His production and running style, which he once described as "Run through a mother------- face," along with his entertaining interactions with members of the media, led to his rise in popularity over the past several seasons. So, he was definitely missed after he suddenly announced his retirement during Super Bowl 50 -- a game he wasn't in taking part in.

Thankfully, he reconsidered and returned to play for the Raiders this season. His comeback is already off to a great start. Against the Titans on Sunday, Lynch quickly reminded us why we loved him. First, he ran all over the Titans.

And then his meeting with reporters went as expected:

The moral of this story: There can never be too much Beast Mode.

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