If you had to guess what Marshawn Lynch looked like in high school, growing up in Oakland, you would not guess correctly. That's because Marshawn Lynch in high school looks a lot more like Steve Urkel and nothing like Marshawn Lynch.

I mean, he looks like Marshawn in the sense that you can see he's there. But it's really hard to believe the photo that ESPN showed on the "Monday Night Football" telecast is actually Marshawn. 

Look for yourself:

Someone -- I think it was Jason Witten -- literally did call Marshawn "Urkel" in that photo. Putting it up next to the actual Marshawn is just impossible to reconcile. It's like what you look like on Twitter versus what you look like on Linkedin.

Can you imagine having to show this picture on TV while sitting in the same room as Marshawn? Dude is out here bowling people over like it's 2011 all over again on national television and people are calling him Urkel. BE CAREFUL FOLKS.