Massachusetts has some unclaimed money for Belichick and Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have some serious money waiting for them. (USATSI)
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have some serious money waiting for them. (USATSI)

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick might not need any extra right now, but if they decide they need some walking around change in the future, the Massachusetts treasury office has a couple of checks waiting for them. 

Twice a year, the state's treasurer's office updates its list of unclaimed money and Belichick and Brady were both on the list. 

Brady has a check for $265.12 waiting for him, while Belichick has a check for $300 that he could claim.

Why do Brady and Belichick have money waiting for them in Massachusetts?

I'll let the Boston Globe explain

Under state law, businesses must turn over to the treasurer’s office the balance of any customer account that remains inactive for three years if they send a letter to the last address they have on file and cannot find the owner.

Neglected bank accounts, stocks and dividends, insurance payouts, accidental overpayments, certain prepaid credit cards, and money owned by the deceased -- all of it reverts to the state, which tries to reunite people with the assets.

Brady's money comes from an expired American Express prepaid gift card that he didn't use. I'm guessing that no one bought Brady a $265.12 gift card, so presumably, he did use part of the gift card, but then probably forgot he still had it.

I generally use every dollar on every gift card I get the day after I get it, so I can't really relate to Brady at all here. My favorite thing to do with gift cards is to buy more gift cards and then use those gift cards on even more gift cards. 

Anyway, as for Belichick, his $300 is money owed to him by General Electric. Massachusetts is also trying to hunt down Snoop Dogg and President Obama to give them money. 

Does Massachusetts owe you money? Probably not, but if you want to check,  you can go here and search for your name. 

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