Matt Hasselbeck on move to Indy, Jake Locker, and his charity work

Matt Hasselbeck's doing a pretty cool thing right now, working with the charity, which is dedicated to ending slavery around the world. And he joined the Eye on Football show with Pete Prisco, Kevin Corke and yours truly to talk about his charity.

For more on the movement, visit the site at or check them out on Twitter@EndItMovement; on April 9, they're encouraging people to put a red "X" on their hand in order to support the cause.

Listen for the full details on all our talks, but here are some excerpts of what we discussed:

On Jake Locker: "He's off the charts. His character is amazing. He's actually very, very smart What he really needs is experience. He needs to fight through some adversity and just do it himself. Last year what I thought he had to work through was playing hurt. He got hurt on a play ... that should've been whistled dead but wasn't whistled dead. And it caused him the whole season to try and play hurt with his shoulder injury. He manned up and did it and the coaches respected him for it."

On investing in quarterbacks through the draft or through trades: "I'm a guy that would invest in the quarterback position each and every year. When I was drafted by the Green Bay Packers they were set at quarterbacks ... they were always kind of adding quarterbacks, it was just the Ron Wolfe way ... Truly and honestly I think teams have stopped investing in the position. They've taken a short-term view of the position."

On moving to the Colts with Andrew Luck on the roster: "The timing of it -- free agency actually started before I got released and some of those chairs got filled so to speak. There were some other chairs I could've waited around for, but the Indianapolis Colts were just on it. From the second I got released they were a full-court press, they were very convincing and they were selling what they brought to the table."

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