Matt Ryan's wife calls out terrible podium hair, promises it won't happen again

When you think of Matt Ryan, you think of reigning NFL MVP, the face of the Falcons, one of the league's best quarterbacks and in general, unflappable. Basically, this:


That was Ryan, cool as a cucumber, in the days before Super Bowl LI.

Fast-forward seven months and here's Ryan on Wednesday, three days after the Falcons eked out a win over the Bears and four days before they host the Packers:

If you're first reaction had nothing to do with right guard Wes Schweitzer but thinking that Ryan looks like he barely escaped a wind tunnel with his life, you're not alone.

Fans are one thing -- they're known to be highly critical -- but Ryan's former teammate Roddy White called him out too.

"I'd fine him for being on national television like that," White told ESPN on Thursday.

There's more: Ryan's wife also got in on the fun.

Of course, no one will care what Ryan's hair looks like -- or if he even shows up to his next presser looking like Dan Quinn -- should the Falcons beat the Packers on Sunday night. 

Suspect Photoshop,

In case you're wondering, only two of eight experts are picking the Falcons to win their home opener.

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