Matthew McConaughey gave pep talk to Redskins that left coach confused

The Washington Redskins won on Sunday for just the sixth time in their last 20 games. They're now 2-2 on the season, which seems kind of incredible considering the way their season started.

We might have just unlocked the key to their success. Apparently, the night before the game, the Redskins were given a special pep talk from Matthew McConaughey, who happens to be a Redskins fan.

And, while coach Jay Gruden admitted that he didn't really have any idea what McConaughey actually said to the team, he did say that McConaughey got the team "fired up."

"I don't know what his message was, man," Gruden said, according to the team’s website. "I just know everyone was looking at him in awe. He's a heck of a guy, a big Redskins fan. He got the team fired up, and if we have to fly him in [to Atlanta] we will. That's up to [owner] Dan [Snyder]."

Considering Gruden doesn't even know what McConaughey said, I think it's safe to assume his talk with quarterback Kirk Cousins went something like this:

In reality, it looks like the night went something like this:

The morning after McConaughey gave his speech, the Redskins went out and beat the Eagles 23-20. Unfortunately, McConaughey was unable to attend the actual game because he's filming a new movie in New York City, one that requires him to look like this:

Still, if McConaughey wants to come to the Redskins next game in Atlanta, he's invited.

"If he wants to come," Gruden said. "He's acting right now. He's doing a movie role. He looks a little different."

Just a little different.

McConaughey delivered a pump-up talk to the Redskins on Saturday. (Twitter: Redskins)
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