Matthew Stafford rated number one for arm talent by NFL Network

Matthew Stafford has long been seen as having a renowned arm in the NFL, but where does the Detroit Lions gunslinger rate against his peers?

Pretty highly if a recent Move The Sticks segment from the NFL Network is to be consulted. Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks ranked the top five arms in the game, and came out with an impressive list from a Detroit perspective.

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On it, the duo had Stafford beating out Derek Carr (fifth), Tom Brady (fourth), Aaron Rodgers (third) and Cam Newton (second) when it came to overall arm strength. Jeremiah and Brooks said it was undisputed who the top arm talent in the league should be while looking over the tape.

"Four completions of 50 plus yards in the air since 2014, tied for the most in the league, Matthew Stafford drops dimes on big plays, outstanding deep ball thrower," Brooks said while analyzing a throw Stafford made to Golden Tate against the Los Angeles Rams.

"Big time whip. Big time whip action from Matthew Stafford," Jeremiah admitted.

The last few weeks, the range of Stafford's arm talent has been on display, as he has thrown everything from deep balls to change-ups with side arm passes mixed in.

Stafford might not have the big wins that many others on that list do, but as far as physical tools go, it's possible nobody in the league is currently working with as much as he is.

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