Maurkice Pouncey is one of four Steelers players who were named team captains before the start of the 2019 season. Pouncey, one of the Steelers longest-tenured players, obviously felt like it was his responsibility to respond to Myles Garrett after Garrett clubbed Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph with his own helmet

Pouncey, who will also likely face punishment from the league for his actions during Thursday night's fight, was asked if he feels if Garrett's actions should result in him being suspended for the remainder of the year. 

"Absolutely. 100 percent," said Pouncey, while adding that he will accept any penalty the league gives him for his involvement in the fight. "We will see how serious the NFL is about their players."

Alejandro Villanueva, a two-time Pro Bowl left tackle who was matched up against Garrett throughout the game, was also critical of Garrett's actions against Rudolph, who called Garrett's actions "cowardly" and "bush league" during his postgame presser. 

"It's not something that we can have in the NFL," Villanueva said. "We're supposed to set the example for everyone, bring everybody together so they can have a good time. Fights like that at the end, helmets off and all that, it's not good for the game." 

Myles Garrett completely lost it during the Browns' win over the Steelers on Thursday Night Football, and Will Brinson, John Breech, Ryan Wilson and Sean Wagner-McGough are here to break it all down on the Pick Six Podcast. Listen below and be sure to subscribe for daily NFL goodness.

Steelers cornerback Joe Haden was Garrett's teammate in Cleveland before being released by the Browns just before the start of the 2017 season. Haden said that Garrett's actions were uncharacteristic of the person he is. 

"Myles is a good dude, you know?" Haden said. "I mean, I've never seen him act like that or do anything like that, but that's not okay."

Steelers lineman David DeCastro, who tried to separate Garrett and Rudolph during the fight, said that he doesn't know what happened that would have led to Garrett hitting Rudolph with his own helmet. While he acknowledged that Thursday night had the intensity of a "rivalry game", he didn't think that things were about to get out of hand. 

"Things got chippy at the end," said DeCastro, who also said that the league has to "take care" of the situation. "He [Garrett] laid on him too long and Mason approached him. Who knows? You know what I mean? It was back-and-forth and all of a sudden, Mason's helmet is off and getting swung at his head. I mean that's just reckless."

Cam Heyward, a nine-year veteran and, like Pouncey, a team captain, was especially emotional when asked about Garrett's actions. 

"I know there's scuffles in the game. Tensions fly high. For it to get to a point where a guy to use a helmet as a weapon to hit a guy in the head, (is) uncalled for," Heyward said. "I'm all about being competitive, but that had to be one of the stupidest things I ever saw." 

Heyward, like seeming everyone inside the Steelers' locker room, was asked if Garrett should face a lengthy suspension. 

"Yes, hands down," he said. "And I told those other players on the other side, 'Ya'll better handle that.' I don't care who is out there. We play this game, we all for work it, but for someone to use a weapon as a helmet is uncalled for."