Mayor of Atlanta is cheering for all the remaining teams to make the Super Bowl except for one

With Atlanta getting set to host the Super Bowl this year, there seems to be one team that everyone in that city will be rooting against this weekend, and that team is the Saints

The Saints just happen to be the Falcons' biggest rival, and with New Orleans sitting just one win away from clinching a spot in the Super Bowl, the people of Atlanta are officially on edge. Even the Falcons have turned into Rams fans this weekend. 

The rivalry between the Falcons and Saints is so intense that politicians are now getting involved. During a recent interview, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was asked who she wanted to see in the Super Bowl, and although she didn't pick her dream matchup, she did say there was one team she absolutely didn't want to see. 

"Just anybody other than the Saints. I know there's going to be a bounty on my head for saying that," Bottoms said, via These Urban Times. "But, if it can't be the Falcons, then hey, as long as it's not the Saints, then I'm happy."

That might actually go down as the best answer that any politician has given to a sports question ever. Instead of playing things down the middle, Bottoms hated on the Saints and threw in a Bountygate joke. The people of Atlanta should vote her mayor for life. 

As you can imagine, Bottoms' comments didn't sit well with anyone in New Orleans. Shortly after the remarks came out, New Orleans city councilman Jay Banks responded to Bottoms by taking a shot at the Falcons. 

"I'm sorry she feels that way. We would welcome them here," Banks said, via "At the end of the day they shouldn't be mad at us that they suck. It's not our fault that they choked."

BOOM. Not only did he bring up the fact that the Falcons were bad this year, but I think we can safely assume that "choked" comment is referring to the time the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Although it was starting to feel like we were just one comment away from seeing New Orleans and Atlanta declare war on each other, Bottoms decided to tone things down by admitting that her original Saints comment was just a joke. 

"When we planned this [Super Bowl] press conference I didn't know I was going to need extra security because of these New Orleans fans that I seemed to have offended," Bottoms said, via "So before we get to the real stuff, let me explain: it was a joke."

But then again, maybe it wasn't a joke, because Bottoms took one more small shot at the Saints and Patriots during her Super Bowl press conference. 

"I don't know of a Falcons fan who wants to see New Orleans and the Patriots in the Super Bowl." 

Eventually, Bottoms did take off her fan hat and put on her diplomatic mayor's hat. 

"We are so very thankful for those who come to Atlanta for this Super Bowl," Bottom said. "In all seriousness, that includes Patriots fans, that includes New Orleans fans, that includes whoever may be in town."

Bottoms may be ready to welcome Saints and Patriots fans, but I don't think anyone else in Atlanta is. 

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