Alfred Morris' Mazda, nicknamed Bentley, is getting redone. (
Alfred Morris' Mazda, nicknamed Bentley, is getting redone. (

RICHMOND, Va. -- Alfred Morris is famous for being the latest random running back to explode in a Mike Shanahan system. But the Redskins star is also famous for the car he drives -- a 1991 Mazda he calls "Bentley."

But the next time you see him cruising around in his ride, it might look a little different, or at least a little smoother -- Bentley's currently in the Mazda shop getting restored to factory-floor condition.

Morris says that the folks at Mazda, loving the free publicity of a Redskins fan favorite driving an old-school silver bullet, talked to his people and worked out a deal to send Bentley into the shop for six to eight weeks in order to restore Bentley.

"It's not 'Pimp My Ride' or anything," Morris said. "No big rims or fish tanks in the bank."

Morris said the folks at Mazda would fix his cracked dashboard, fine tune the engine and work on the transmission to make sure he doesn't find himself on the side of the road. There's a chance they could throw a few perks in there as well, but nothing extravagant. 

"Like a navigation system or something maybe," Morris said.

Bentley's a pretty fun story -- an incredibly bloggable one on an incredibly bloggy team -- but the reality is Morris car actually represents him as a player and a person pretty well. He's a humble kid who found himself vaulted into the spotlight thanks to a system that fits him as a player perfectly.

But despite that, nothing much has changed in terms of his persona. (If you don't believe me, I offer Exhibit A: Morris playing paintball with a bunch of Skins fans on a bachelor party.)

"I don't play for fame, I don't play for money," Morris said. "I play because I love [the game]."

But surely the perks -- like having your '91 Mazda juiced up on the house -- don't hurt either.