Running back Melvin Gordon's holdout from the Chargers will go into Week 4, sources said, with no specific date chosen yet for his return, but no plans to sit out the entire season either. The sides remain at a contract impasse, with Gordon in the final year of his rookie contract.

Sitting out the season would cause his contract to toll, not to mention the massive fines Gordon, a first-round pick in 2015, would incur. Ultimately, he and the team will likely work out a financial settlement based on all the time he's missed thus far, and, with injuries already mounting for the franchise, getting Gordon back would certainly help.

The Chargers are 1-1 and blew halftime leads in each of the first two games, not running as much as one might expect under such circumstances (they eventually beat the Colts in overtime in Week 1 after being up 17-6 at the half). The Chargers rank just 19th in the NFL in rushing attempts and 18th in second-half rushing attempts, despite having those leads.

Last week running back Austin Ekeler keyed their initial scoring drive, but then the run game stalled later, and his goal-line fumble was a turning point in the defeat at Detroit. Gordon, a bruising back who can grind down a defense late in games, would provide a boost it would seem, particularly with the offensive line already beat up.

On the season Ekeler has 29 rushes for 124 yards (4.28 per carry) with two rushing touchdowns. The Chargers currently rank 12th in the NFL in net rushing yards. The Chargers vowed not to negotiate a new deal with Gordon in-season. He must report in November to be eligible to play this season.