Meme Watch: Smokin Jay Cutler is the NFL's hottest (and most apathetic) Tumblr site

Cigs make Cutler look like he doesn't even care, more than usual. (

Ever since Jay Cutler was caught on camera yelling and screaming at J'Marcus Webb during the Bears embarrassing loss in Green Bay on Thursday, the attitude police have been all up in Cutler's biz.

The quarterback probably deserves a little slack, but no one's giving it to him: Cutler was ripped in the media for the treatment of his offensive line, and at least one teammate, D.J. Moore (who also played at Vanderbilt), called his behavior "just wrong."

This all led to Cutler (kind of) apologizing for his behavior and in much more interesting news, the creation of

Described as a website "decided to the most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports," Smokin Jay Cutler is simply a collection of photos that feature Cutler moping around while smoking a cigarette.

To my knowledge, Cutler isn't a smoker, but he sure does look completely uninterested in just about everything the world has to offer, and that's only more true when you add in the heater.

It appears the site started just four days ago, but it also appears there isn't really a shortage of annoyed-looking Cutler photos. There's a decent chance they run out of photoshopped cigs before the supply of Cutler pics runs dry.

Of course there's a good chance none of this is an accurate portrayal of Cutler's real persona. He gets a bad rap because he always looks so disinterested in what's going on around him, or at the very least just absolutely disgusted. People, for that reason, have different expectations for Cutler.

The presumed logic there, whether conscious or subliminal, is that Cutler has all the talent in the world and just doesn't care enough to harness it and channel his talents into something tangible, like quarterback wins.

It's a somewhat silly notion, but that's what happens in today's world when being charismatic is the most valued (not that it's a correct valuation) commodity in determining someone's ability to lead. On the bright side, the pictures sure are fun to look at.

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