The Philadelphia Eagles' addition of former Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett may have given plenty of people the impression that the NFL's scariest front four got scarier.

Michael Bennett is one of those people.

Introduced to the Philly media on Monday, the 32-year-old Pro Bowler was rather soft spoken when addressing questions about his transition from one Super Bowl-winning regime to another. But he also had no qualms suggesting the Eagles, who already have title-winning talent like Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox, "can have one of the greatest defensive lines to ever play the game."

He didn't have a problem name-dropping every single quarterback he's set to chase in the NFC East, either.

Calling out Eli Manning, Dak Prescott and new Washington Redskins signal-caller Alex Smith, the ex-Seahawks star even took particular aim at Smith's ability to escape his grasp.

"I know Eli Manning is probably watching this and thinking, like, 'He's coming after me,'" Bennett said. "Yes, I'm coming. I know Dak (Prescott) is watching this like, 'Yeah, he's coming.' So yeah, I am, man. Alex Smith, he knows he can't run from me. I told him in the Pro Bowl. So it's definitely going to be a great season. It's going to be fun to be out here and be able to chase quarterbacks."