Michael Bennett reacts to team suspension, still appears frustrated with role in Patriots defense

Michael Bennett's fit with the perfect New England Patriots has been imperfect to this point in the season. 

Things hit a boiling point last week when the team suspended the veteran pass rusher for Week 7 for conduct detrimental to the team after having what Bennett described as a "philosophical disagreement" about his role within the defense to his defensive line coach. With Week 7 in the books, Bennett is back in the fold in New England, but it doesn't appear his frustrations have subsided at all.

"I got suspended, lost money," he said in his first comments since that team mandated banishment last week, via Zack Cox of NESN. "What am I supposed to take away from that. There's no love lost, it's just what it is."

When asked if he's now on good terms with the coaches, Bennett said, "You have to ask them." 

Given that sort of icy response, there does still seem to be salt in the wound a bit on the part of Bennett. Clearly, his current role within the defense isn't what he expected upon being acquired by the club this offseason. That's due to the defense simply being a different style. When he was traded to the Pats in March, New England was looking more like a 4-3 unit. After he was acquired, the Patriots signed linebacker Jamie Collins and re-signed defensive tackle Danny Shelton, which turned them to a 3-4 defense. Bennett has been one of the main players who have seen a lack of playing time because of that change, registering 35.71% of the defensive snaps at the time of his suspension. 

Given that change in style and Bennett becoming a bit disgruntled, it's safe to wonder if he will be moved prior to the Oct. 29 trade deadline

"That's up to them," Bennett said when asked if he'd like to be traded. "That's up to the team and how they feel about it. I like playing here."

While Bennett did say he likes playing in New England, he was also asked if he was happy in Foxborough and said, "it is what it is, man." 

Even with the veteran's suspension in the rearview mirror, this situation doesn't exactly seem solved and likely won't be anytime soon. 

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