Michael Crabtree was temporarily blind before Niners' last play

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree says he couldn't see after this hit in Super Bowl XLVII. (USATSI)

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree said Thursday that he was essentially blind moments before the Niners' final offensive play of Super Bowl XLVII. Crabtree was lit up on the third-down play by Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith.

"He hit me, he hit me all in the face,” Crabtree said of Smith’s hit on the Rich Eisen Podcast. "But I’m not tripping. I’m not the one to whine about nothing, but he hit me all in the face and I really couldn’t see, you know what I’m saying, after he hit me."

So he couldn't see at all to catch the biggest pass of his life?

“Then it just came back … it’s not concussion-like,” Crabtree said. “After you get hit in football -- you’re going to get hit and you’re going to feel it. And it’s going to feel like you can’t see. It’s going to feel intense, you know what I’m saying? But it snapped back. It happens all the time in football.”

So, to recap: Crabtree was blind for a second, but could totally see Colin Kaepernick's hurried fade pass sail over his head and fall harmlessly to the turf on fourth-and-goal. Which of course leads to the next logical question: Did Crabtree think he was held?

Yes, but not on fourth down. Instead, Crabtree felt there should have been a flag on second-and-goal.

Either way, he acknowledges that there's no sense complaining now, and his most prevalent emotion with regards to the game is disappointment.

"Unfortunately, I was on the other end of it," he said. "It ain't nothing but motivation to come back next year and do my thing."

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