If there was anything to support Pat McAfee's "For The Brand," Seattle Seahawks punter Michael Dickson certainly proved his worth. Dickson pulled off a highlight-reel play on a blocked punt during Seattle's 26-17 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night. 

With the Seahawks trailing 16-7 late in the third quarter, Dickson had his punt blocked, which caused a live ball deep in Seahawks territory. Running for the football, Dickson picked it up with one hand and took off to the left sideline trying to make a play. Once Dickson ran out of room, he booted the ball a second time for 68 yards to the Rams' 11-yard line. 

Dickson was able to punt the ball for a long distance thanks to no Rams player being in position for a return. The busted play benefitted Dickson, as the ball just took a bounce on the turf for about 20 yards before finally stopping at the 11-yard line. Ugo Amadi was able to down the ball as Dickson was celebrating.

"I don't have the brain power to be able to explain it," Rams head coach Sean McVay said about Dickson's punt after the game. "Basically what happened was, because he kicked it behind the line of scrimmage (and) they reviewed it in New York, they said his foot was still on the line of scrimmage -- so they said he can do that. I guess you learn something every night." 

A flag was thrown, but there was no penalty for Dickson punting the ball -- since it was a live ball. The "double punt" will live in Seahawks lore, no matter the result.