Michael Irvin rips J.J. Watt, says it's his fault the Texans are always losing

The Houston Texans have only been to the playoffs one time in the past three years, which is something that most people would probably blame on the team's offense. After all, it's not easy to win in the NFL when your quarterback is Brian Hoyer or Matt Schaub.

Don't blame the Texans offense if you're talking to Michael Irvin though, because the Hall of Fame receiver sees things differently.

According to Irvin, the blame for Houston's struggles over the past several years should fall on one person: J.J. Watt.

Yes, you read that right. Irvin is pinning the Texans' recent woes on the guy who's won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award in three of the past four years.

The subject of Watt came up on Wednesday night when the NFL Network unveiled its top 100 players of 2016. During the show, it was revealed that Watt was No. 3 on the list, behind only Tom Brady (No. 2) and Cam Newton (No. 1).

Irvin was basically flabbergasted at the fact that Watt was the highest ranked defensive player on the list.

"You won the Defensive Player of the Year the last three years, and in those three years your record was 2-14, 9-7, and 9-7," Irvin said. "The Texans haven't won a thing ... J.J. Watt's been the baddest man in the league and they haven't gotten close to any kind of championship."

Ouch. That's harsh.

You're going to have to do more to impress Michael Irvin, J.J. Watt. USATSI

One of Irvin's co-hosts on NFL Network was then quick to point out that it wasn't necessarily Watt's fault that the Texans have been losing, but Irvin wasn't having it.

"Whose fault is it that they're not winning? He's the star of the team," Irvin said. "If the Dallas Cowboys lose on my watch, it's my fault ... If you're the baddest man on the team, you've got to take it both ways, when it ain't going right and you ain't winning, that's on you."

The panel then started arguing about who the better player was between Watt and Luke Kuechly, who was ranked seventh on the NFL's top-100 list.

During the argument, Irvin was asked who he would draft if he were starting an NFL team.

"I'm telling you, I'm taking Luke Kuechly [over Watt]," Irvin said. "I'm taking the middle linebacker that makes everyone around him play well. That's who I'm taking."

So why would the former Cowboys receiver take Kuechly over Watt?

"I will take the guy who's a little less talented, but has the ability to be a gatherer. I don't want to just see you raise your hand while you're playing great. I want to see you make others play great," Irvin said. "I don't want you to just play well on the field and raise your hand and win a bunch of awards. I want your playing well on the field to result in some significant changes in wins and losses that will get me into the playoffs and a Super Bowl, and that's what Luke Kuechly does."

Irvin would rather have Luke Kuechly than Watt if starting a defense. USATSI

Irvin was also impressed with the fact that Kuechly seems to regularly score touchdowns. Kuechly tallied a pick-six in each of the Panthers' first two playoff games last season.

"I tell people all the time that defense doesn't win championships. It's the turnovers and the scoring defense that wins championships," Irvin said. "This boy, Luke Kuechly, he scores touchdowns on interceptions. He doesn't have to go on offense to score. He scores in his main position (linebacker)."

We can probably safely assume that Irvin's not going to be invited to Watt's log cabin anytime soon.

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