On Monday night, the New Orleans Saints blew Washington off the field. It was a raucous affair during which the Saints put 43 points on the board and Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning's all-time passing yardage record. New Orleans totaled 447 yards of offense and pretty much put the game away on the first drive of the third quarter. 

This was, however, a somewhat unusual game for the Saints, largely because star wideout Michael Thomas had a pretty ordinary night. Thomas, who entered the evening averaging 10.5 catches for 111.3 yards per game, ended the night with four grabs for 74 yards. But given that the Saints were playing from far ahead for most of the night and that Thomas was only thrown to five times, one would have to say he did pretty well. 

After the game, he was pretty happy with his performance, in particular with the way that it resulted in Washington corner Josh Norman being benched. He let the people know about it on Twitter. 

That happened late Monday night after the game. By the time Thomas woke up on Tuesday, Norman had deleted his tweets. And Thomas made sure to let his followers know about that, as well. 

Woooooo boy! Tell us how you really feel, Mike. When's the next time the Saints play Washington? Well, it's probably three years from now. Who knows if Norman will still be on the team by then. Here's hoping we get to see these guys match up one more time, just to see what happens on Twitter a few hours later.