Michael Vick: Mahomes can do things 'I wish I could have done with my arm'

No one is going to mistake Michael Vick for the most accurate quarterback in NFL history. But from a physical perspective, there are not many more guys who have the combination of speed and arm strength that Vick had. He was lethal on the run and could throw lasers from about any point of the field.

So when he makes a point to note that a young quarterback, in this case Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, can do things that Vick could never do, it should be extremely noteworthy.

Vick did just that on a recent appearance with Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports 1, pointing out he is expecting some "special" things from Mahomes during his NFL career.

"I've seen it firsthand. I've seen Patrick Mahomes do some things that I wish I could have done with my arm in terms of throwing on the run. And I was one of the best at it, outside of the pocket, being mobile," Vick said. "But this kid can make some throws that are going to shock the world. And I'm so anxious to see him play down the road, in the future at some point. But right now he's going through the phases of maturation and learning the system and becoming a complete quarterback.

"He has a ways to go, but this kid is going to do some special things."

Kudos to Vick for sneaking in the "I was one of the best at it" humblebrag there. Yes, Michael, we know you were incredible. But just in case you didn't:


Man, Michael Vick GIFs are the best GIFs. And those don't really do justice to some of the stuff he could do while throwing on the run. So when he says he is wowed by someone's athleticism, it is imperative that we all listen, or at least raise our eyebrows. Because Vick is as athletic a player as you will see.

And he is not wrong about Mahomes from the athleticism standpoint, either. I firmly believe if Mahomes can progress enough in Andy Reid's system during his first year, he can give the Chiefs something to think about at some point this season

More importantly, Mahomes just gives Kansas City a much higher upside. Alex Smith is having a nice preseason and is a fine quarterback. But fine does not win titles in the NFL. It can if everything else breaks exactly right, but in order to really give a team a chance at a Super Bowl, the quarterback has to be great.

Mahomes is not guaranteed to be great. Vick never harnessed his full athletic ability in terms of winning football games and producing from a statistical standpoint at the professional level. Vick was incredible, but he was not refined. 

Reid once banked on Vick becoming something more -- and for a while it looked like he might with the Eagles -- and is now banking on Mahomes taking his athleticism and parlaying it into incredible quarterback play. 

This 2017 NFL Draft crop of quarterbacks looks much better than it did back in May. It's early, but this could be a fun group for a few years. None of the others have the upside of Mahomes, who has as live an arm as you will see in the NFL. He is far from refined at this point and the Chiefs would be in a weird spot if they were forced to play him out of the gate.

Reid does not typically play rookies right away. Even Donovan McNabb sat after going No. 2 overall. But he also has a history of pulling the trigger on his young guys fairly quickly if he believes they are ready to get under center. 

If he is making Michael Vick take notice, it's worth pausing and checking it out. You can bet Reid sees the comparison.

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