Michael Vick named QB of EA Sports Madden 25 'All-25' team

Mike Vick is the QB of EA Sports' Madden 25 All-25 team.
Mike Vick is the QB of EA Sports' Madden 25 All-25 team. (YouTube.com)

In the pantheon of NFL video game characters, there will never be anyone better than Bo Jackson. But a close second, at least for me, is the Madden 2004 rendition of current Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who at the time played for the Falcons.

EA Sports clearly agrees, having named Vick the quarterback of their Madden 25 "All 25" team. This team, which will be playable in "Play Now" mode in Madden 25, which is scheduled for release on August 27th.

Vick was a mind-blowing quarterback in real life as well at the time (before his career was derailed by a dog-fighting scandal), but in video games it was an entirely different story. He literally was a game-changer -- EA's creative directors point out in the video below that Vick made game designers think about how

"The fastest player at the quarterback position … he basically broke the game," EA Creative Director Mike Young said.

I remember, rather distinctly, playing a lot of Madden 2004 (that was during my seventh second senior year of college, I believe) and my roommate and I had a strict "No Falcons" rule in place when we went head to head, mainly because Vick was such a devastating quarterback to go against.

You couldn't really spy on him, because no one was fast enough to keep up when he got around the edge. Actually send your pass rush? He was laughably faster than any single defensive player (Julius Peppers, in his prime with the Panthers at the time, was my pass rusher of choice and didn't stand a chance).

It's why, even though there are a LOT of great quarterbacks in Madden history, it's pretty hard to go against the original unstoppable running quarterback as the "All 25" guy. Leave your arguments for someone else -- or your memories of getting torched/torching others by/with Vick in Madden 2004 -- in the comments below.

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