Michael Vick sounds like he will move on from Eagles

Has Michael Vick's time with the Eagles' come to an end? (USATSI)
Michael Vick lost his job to Nick Foles midway through the 2013 season. And while he was fully supportive of the Eagles' second-year quarterback, he also wants another chance to get on the field. Vick, who will be a free-agent in the coming weeks, has said that he's open to returning to Philly, but he sounded Monday like a player who's ready to move on.

“My desire is to start,” Vick said, according to PhillyMag.com's Tim McManus. “I’m 33, I still feel good, and the way I’ve been able to take care of my body this year, the things that I’ve learned from, the nutrition aspect of everything, really has given me another jumpstart. I feel good, I still know I can play and I’m just confident in what I can do based on what I do every day. I feel like I’m built to do this, and just want to continue to keep it going. I’m not finished.”

Worth pointing out: Vick has played in 16 games during a season exactly once during his 12-year career. Still, the NFL continues to evolve into a passing league woefully short on passers. Despite the risk, it's reasonable to think that there will be a market for Vick's services.

“Yeah, I think we’ll have to just cross that bridge when we get there,” he said of possible starting opportunities elsewhere. “As of right now I can’t even see that far. I’m praying things work out in my favor but you never know. I try to stay optimistic about everything and look at everything from a realistic standpoint as far as what I want and things I can obtain and what I want to try to continue to try to achieve.”

As for his time in Philly, Vick was equal parts appreciative and resigned to the reality that he may not be back.

“I think this football team is in great shape," he said. "I think with Chip, and starting with Jeffrey [Lurie], and the structure that Chip has been able to put together, this organization is in great shape going into 2014 and beyond,” said Vick. “I’m just thankful I’ve been able to be a part of it, learn so much, experience the things that I’ve had an opportunity to experience this year.”

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