Michael Vick stands by 'dynasty' talk, Andy Reid's OK with comments too

Michael Vick stands by his comments. (US Presswire)

Last week, Michael Vick decided to open up an offseason can of worms by proclaiming that the Eagles had a chance to "build a dynasty." This was met with much criticism since the Eagles have yet to win a single title with Vick at the helm.

Asked to clarify those comments Sunday, Vick stood by his statement, and he got the support of his coach as well.

"That’s just me speaking in confidence, and if you ask my teammates, they’d tell you the same thing," Vick said. "That's totally different than the 'Dream Team' comment. This is what we can build if we have the right mindset."

Vick is correct here, and it's reminiscent of Eli Manning's comments last offseason about being in the same class as Tom Brady. Though no one thought Eli actually was in that class and/or wasn't elite (whoops!), it would be ridiculous for Manning, a competitor, to rip himself. Vick might not have needed to use the word "dynasty" but having confidence is good.

And besides, what he -- the starter -- and what Vince Young -- the backup -- said last year are two totally different things. Reid knows this and said as much Sunday.

“You know the two different players there," Reid said. "That was a new player coming into town here, it was a different situation and did it without any communication into that or know-how into that. I’m not worried about that."

There's a lengthy discussion that we could get into about what qualifies as a "dynasty," and you could even argue that Reid's career has been an NFC East dynasty (though not an NFL one, due to his lack of Super Bowls).

But at 18-14 since Vick took over, and with only one playoff appearance and an incredibly disappointing 2011 season still looming over this team, the chatter about a dynasty is too early.

Reid and Vick know this too, though. And besides, all dynasties have to start with one title. The Eagles will get a shot at getting theirs shortly.

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