The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have blasted through the wall harder than the Kool-Aid man this offseason to completely open up a Super Bowl window for the franchise. This all comes thanks to inking Tom Brady in free agency to become their next franchise quarterback and bring them from a .500 team to a championship contender. 

One of Brady's newest weapons in three-time Pro Bowl receiver Mike Evans is naturally excited for what Brady will mean for him and the Bucs on the field, but also what he'll do for the culture in Tampa Bay. In Evans' eyes, Brady is poised to flip the franchise on its head. 

"The opportunity to get Tom Brady. Like, that's Tom Brady, bro. Like that's the greatest of all-time," Evans told former Bucs receiver Louis Murphy on Instagram Live, via The Tampa Bay Times. "[Brady's a] franchise changer. Like he's about to change the franchise. Like, ticket sales are going through the roof. Like prime time games. And he understands the game of football to nobody else understands that level besides the greats and it's going to be great to work with him, you understand what I'm saying. The young receiving corps we got, the tight ends we've got, we've got Gronk coming in ... it's going to be great for the city. And it's going to be just great overall. Hopefully we have a great season, everybody stays healthy and it pans out the way we want."

Evans isn't wrong. Immediately following the news that Brady was jumping aboard the pirate ship in Tampa, Bucs fans nearly broke Ticketmakster's official website in search of season tickets and had over six thousand people waiting to purchase their package. Tampa Bay also has been awarded five primetime games in 2020. 

On the field, Evans is unquestionably going to be playing with the most accomplished quarterback he's ever lined up with in Brady. In college, Evans worked with Johnny Manziel and then spent time with Josh McCown, Mike Glennon and mostly Jameis Winston in the NFL

"Obviously, I'm excited," he said of playing with Brady. "Like, Jameis is my dawg. That's going to be my bro forever, right? That's going to be my bro forever. Like I wish him nothing but the best. Look, he's been my quarterback for as long as I've played football. ... I think he's a hell of a player." 

Last season, Evans was able to haul in 1,157 yards and eight touchdowns with Winston as his quarterback. If he and Tom Brady can build up some quick chemistry, it wouldn't be surprising to see those numbers improve. More importantly, Tampa is poised to see more overall team success now that Brady resides down in Florida.