After being fired by the Packers following nearly 13 seasons as their coach, Mike McCarthy wanted to say goodbye and thank you to the people of Green Bay before officially moving on, so that's exactly what he did on Saturday. 

Of course, since McCarthy couldn't thank every fan individually, he decided to do the next best thing: The former Packers coach took out a full-page newspaper ad in multiple Wisconsin papers, including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Green Bay Press-Gazette

In the ad, McCarthy didn't just thank the fans though, he also thanked his former coaching staff and all of his former players. 

McCarthy has basically been on a farewell tour this week. After being fired on Sunday, McCarthy was allowed to return to Lambeau Field twice this week so he could formally say goodbye to everyone in the organization. When he returned to visit with the team for the final time on Wednesday, he was given a standing ovation by the players he used to coach. 

Although it's not clear what McCarthy will do next, it seems that he's not too worried about that right now. During a hectic week, the former Packers coach wasn't thinking about his future; instead, he was thinking about the best way to say bye to everyone. 

His final goodbye came in the form of Saturday's newspaper ad. You can see the ad below, and underneath that, you can read the full text of McCarthy's letter. 

 From McCarthy's full-page ad: 

Tuesday night I walked onto the field at Lambeau for the last time with my friend and legendary equipment guys Red Batty and T-Bone Bakken. I reminded Red of our conversation in 2006 when he told me that the pride was in the bricks at Lambeau Field

More than ever, I now know the pride is in the people. 

It's hard to articulate the impact this job had on me and my family. From the beginning, Green Bay has welcomed me with open arms. I met my beautiful wife Jessica here and raised our family of 5 children who will always call Green Bay home. Thank you for the immense outpouring of love our family received this week and throughout our time here. This speaks to the quality of folks in the State of Wisconsin. Coach Lombardi said it best. 'Green Bay is all about Faith, Family and Football.'

The Green Bay Packers are a tremendous organization and I will always be proud of my time with the team. A special thanks to Bob Harlan and Ted Thompson, who entrusted me in 2006 with an incredible opportunity to be the 14th Packers head coach. Titletown is the greatest football town in America. Representing this team is a privilege that I never once took for granted. 

Thanks to all the players I coached. It was an honor to lead you as you chased your dreams. I am proud that you always reflected the Packers standard while chasing excellence in the ultra-competitive National Football League. You always understood what an honor and privilege it was to represent the organization and the community. 

To my coaching and support staff: I will be forever indebted to you and your loved ones for what you did for me and the organization. The amount of dedication, commitment and time we spent together will always be our bond. Special thanks to my assistants Lisa Waeghe and Matt Klein who were integral parts of the team and our success. 

To the fans, your connection to the team is special and unique. Thanks you for your endless passion, energy and commitment. That enthusiasm is always an important component of the Packers success.

There is an unmistakable pride that runs through the bloodline of all Green Bay Packers, and that is why it's not the bricks ... but the Packers people and the pride they have for this organization that I will miss the most. 

I wish nothing but the best for the Green Bay Packers moving forward, 


Mike McCarthy