Mike Pouncey declines apology for Aaron Hernandez hat

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are going to get a talking to.
The Pounceys are apparently sorry about their hat choices. (USATSI)

The Pouncey brothers -- Mike Pouncey of the Dolphins and Maurkice Pouncey of the Steelers -- made major media waves when they wore hats supporting Aaron Hernandez while out on the town recently.

My colleague Clark Judge suggested the players' respective teams should reign them in and reports surfaced that was precisely the case. It seemed confirmed to be true when Maurkice Pouncey issued an apology on his Twitter account. But asked about the hats during training camp over the weekend, Mike Pouncey declined to apologize, refusing to speak about the incident.

"I'm just here to focus on football," Pouncey said. "We get paid a lot of money to act a certain way, and that's the way we should be acting."

So basically he's sorry he's not sorry? (Or maybe sorry that he's sorry he can't say he's sorry?) Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin wasn't much more revealing, referring to any hypothetical conversation with Pouncey as "internal."

“I would tell you that any conversation that I may or may not have had with Mike will stay internal," Philbin said. "I will tell you that it’s important for every member of this organization, player, coach, to represent the Miami Dolphins in a first-class manner."

Translated: Yes, I talked to Mike; yes, I'm mad; yes, he made our team look bad; no, I'm not telling you that.

Whether or not they're publicly sorry, it's pretty obvious the Pouncy brothers got a stern talking to from their respective teams and that you won't be seeing them wear anything Aaron Hernandez-related out on the town any time soon.

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