Mike Tomlin: 'Lot of work' needs to be done from 'officiating standpoint'

Just like everyone else, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was hanging out in his basement with his kids on Sunday afternoon, watching some football. Unlike everyone else, he had a playoff spot at stake, rooting for the Chiefs to beat the Chargers so Pittsburgh could sneak in.

So he wasn't real happy when Ryan Succop pushed a 41-yard kick wide right. But he's not talking about what he said, probably because it's unspeakable. 

"I'll leave that between myself, my sons and my basement," Tomlin said

No idea how old Tomlin's kids are, but given the stakes involved with Succop's miss, I'm totally fine with whatever he wanted to say in front of them. 

Making matters worse is Tomlin said he spotted the infraction on the Chargers -- they had seven men on the line of scrimmage but weren't flagged for it -- during the attempted kick (see: above) and believes there's "a lot of work" to do for refs in the future. 

"Obviously, there's a lot of work that needs to be done from an officiating standpoint," Tomlin said. "I think it's been well-documented in the last several weeks, not only in stadiums we've played in, but others [too].

"I always want to be someone that's part of the solution as opposed to someone that's complaining and moaning about the problem. I intend to roll my sleeves up and offer any insight I can in making [the league] the very best it can be moving forward."

The NFL admitted on Monday that the officials made a mistake in not throwing a flag on the Chargers during the play and Tomlin said Monday that the league contacted him as well, though it doesn't provide him much consolation.

"Those guys do a great job of communicating during difficult times, and I appreciate that," Tomlin said. "But it doesn't change what transpired."

Tomlin's on the NFL Competition Committee, so he'll be very much involved in the process to change officiating practices. Not that getting the chance to do so will put the Steelers in the playoffs either. 
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