Mike Wallace plans to curse more people out to make up for Steve Smith's absence

Steve Smith was one of the best wide receivers of his generation. Between the time he entered the league in 2001 and the time he exited in 2016, only six players had more receptions than Smith, only nine had more touchdowns, and none had more receiving yards. 

While his on-field exploits were terrific, Smith was also known as a legendary trash-talker. Who can forget him referring to Aqib Talib as "another notch on the bedpost" and telling him to "ice up, son"? 

Steve Smith to @albertbreer on Aqib Talib: "Ice up son! Ice up!"

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With Smith now retired and out of the Baltimore Ravens' locker room, Mike Wallace feels it's his duty to make up for Smith's absence. How's he doing to do that?

"I just have to curse a couple more people out, choke a couple more people out," Wallace said, per ESPN.com. "I was telling (receivers coach) Bobby Engram last meeting that I've got to come back in with a different attitude and I've got to start pushing people around a little bit more because Steve isn't going to be here and somebody has to do it. So, I'm going to take over that role. Breshad (Perriman), if he gets out of line, I'm going to smack him up a little bit."

Get ready for some weird interactions with Mike Wallace, Breshad. 

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