Mike Zimmer will listen to Cowboys-Vikings on the radio to protect his eye

You likely already know that Mike Zimmer will not coach the Vikings during Thursday night's game against the Cowboys.

Zimmer underwent emergency surgery for a detached retina on Wednesday evening and will be relieved by special teams coach Mike Priefer. Pat Shurmur will run the offense and George Edwards will run the defense.

Not only will Zimmer miss the game but he won't even watch it, according to a report from NFL.com. "A team source told NFL Network's Stacey Dales that Zimmer doesn't want to use his eyes and will instead listen to the game on radio."

It's obviously not great that Zimmer is experiencing trouble with his eyes, and that he doesn't even feel comfortable using them yet to watch his team play, but as The Ringer's Kevin Clark pointed out, this is the Lou Brown move!

Who? Lou Brown.

In the classic sports film "Major League 2" the Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown suffers a heart attack and can no longer manage the team. He has to spend extended time in the hospital, where they do not let him watch the games on TV because he gets too stressed out. So instead, Brown listens to the games on a transistor radio while the TV plays British soap operas in the background.

It all leads to a great (NSFW language) scene where the Indians win and Brown, radio in hand, backwards cap on, starts jumping around in his hospital bed celebrating the win, but the nurses don't know he's listening to the game so he has to pretend he just really loves British soap operas. It's incredible.

All of which is to say: Maybe Mike Zimmer should at least let some British soap operas play in the background like he listens to Cowboys-Vikings on the radio Thursday night.

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