Game Recap

Minnesota didn't have too much trouble with Detroit on Sunday as they won 24-9.

Minnesota started the contest off right with 17 first-half points. Detroit countered with 6 points, leaving the score at 17-6 going into the half. The other side of the ball continued to do well for Minnesota in the second half and held Detroit to 3 points.

No one put up better numbers for Minnesota than Dalvin Cook, who brought his A game into the match. He picked up 89 yards on the ground on 10 carries. The Minnesota defense stepped up as well to lay out the quarterback ten times.

Minnesota's victory brought them up to 5-3-1. This is the second loss in a row for Detroit and nudges their record down to 3-5.

Minnesota will have some time to rest before their next matchup, which is against Chicago in two weeks at 2:00 p.m. Detroit will be staying on the road next week, facing off against Chicago.