Mohamed Sanu blames the long halftime for Super Bowl LI loss

The New England Patriots mounted the greatest comeback in NFL history during Super Bowl LI where they went down by as much as 25 points only to claw back and win in overtime. 

While James White, Dont'a Hightower and Tom Brady have been praised for their efforts in the comeback, Pats fans may also want to toss halftime performer Lady Gaga a thank you note for her contributions to the win as well. 

Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu appeared on Good Morning Football earlier this week and revealed that the longer-than-usual halftime that traditionally comes with the Super Bowl threw Atlanta off. 

"It definitely (affected us) because usually halftime is only like 15 minutes so when you're not on the field for an hour, it's like going to work out, having a great workout, sitting on the couch for an hour and then trying to work out again," Sanu said, via

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At the half, the Atlanta was up 21-3 and when they came out of the tunnel for the third, they scored again to go up 28-3. At that time, it's hard for anyone on the Falcons to think about anything other than a pending Super Bowl party. 

"You're thinking 'OK we got this, let's keep doing what we're doing and trust the process.' Just go out there and do what we do," Sanu said. "I just felt like momentum shifted and we weren't playing as aggressively as we usually do. It's just unfortunate."

Despite the heartbreaking loss for the Falcons, Sanu doesn't believe that blowing a 25-point lead will define the Atlanta Falcons. 

"I mean, it's however you guys want to interpret it as. Us as a team, we know what we have and what we did throughout the whole season and I wouldn't say the last quarter of that game is our legacy," he said. "We did what we had to do throughout the season to make it to the big stage and we played well. It just so happened it didn't go our way."

In Super Bowl LI, Sanu finished catching just two passes for 25 yards. 

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