Monday Musings: Where do the Chiefs find their franchise QB?

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A couple of intriguing guys in that category are Georgia's Aaron Murray and North Carolina State's Mike Glennon. I like both of them from what I've seen off the TV.

But there's a long way to go in the process. Even so, I doubt a real franchise passer emerges, which makes me feel sorry for the Chiefs every time I see Brady Quinn or Matt Cassel taking snaps.

-- I love how after one start as the supposed guy in San Francisco, against one of the league's worst defenses, the cry around this league is this: Jim Harbaugh made the right decision going to Colin Kaerpernick. Please let it play out. Let's not forget he had 14 points from the defense, and he didn't exactly light it up through the air. His big play was a short pass that Mario Manningham turned into a big play. Did he do some good things? Yes. And I like the kid. But claiming it's the right move after one game is a rush to judgment.

-- The Bengals are better off with Andy Dalton than they would be with Carson Palmer for the long run. That played out Sunday in Cincinnati. But it's pretty damn hard to play quarterback from behind all the time. The Raiders defense is horrible. Palmer has to deal with that on a consistent basis.

-- When the Colts drafted receiver-return man T.Y. Hilton in the third round last April, some scouts wondered if it wasn't too high for the 5-foot-8 receiver. But Colts general manager Ryan Grigson loved the kid's speed.  Now we know why. He can fly. He returned a punt for a touchdown against the Bills on Sunday and caught an 8-yard touchdown pass. Speed kills. He has it.

-- Still want Charlie Batch to play, Steelers fans? He couldn't even reach Mike Wallace on a deep ball that would have been a big play against the Browns. He didn't lose the game, the turnovers did, but he isn't very good. And age does matter. This is a guy who handed off to Barry Sanders.

-- I am not a fan of slow, plodding backs. Michael Turner fits that description to perfection He had 17 yards on 13 carries against Tampa. The Falcons are a fast team that plays on a fast track with a slow back. That makes no sense. It appears the Falcons are moving more toward Jacquizz Rodgers, and that's the right thing to do.

-- Falcons corner Asante Samuel takes a lot of crap for not tackling. But he showed some toughness playing through a shoulder injury against the Bucs. He appeared to hurt it again late on the final Hail Mary of the game. Dunta Robinson, the team's other corner, left with a concussion. It will be interesting to see if they can get back for Thursday's game against the Saints.

-- The fourth-and-29 play was inexcusable for the Chargers. The angles some of the defenders took were horrible. Ray Rice made them pay for it with a first down, and the Chargers ended up losing in overtime. It also looked like some of the players trailing the play let up when it looked like he would be tackled. Terrible.

-- One more note on the play: There is no way he got the first down. The spot was terrible. Why was it? The officials weren't in position to make a proper spot. So essentially, the regular officials cost the Chargers the game. Where is the outrage as with the replacement officials doing it in the Seattle-Green Bay game?

-- Chad Henne had a nice first start for the Jaguars. He looked comfortable getting the ball out. The Jaguars receivers made some plays too. They look happy to have him in there, rather than Blaine Gabbert. If Henne plays well the rest of the season, he will be the starter heading into 2013. What's that mean for Gabbert? Time to sit and learn. He's young. He has time.

-- If the Bears lose guards Lance Louis and Chris Spencer for any length of time, and it looks like they might, Jay Cutler might want to up his insurance policy. The Bears line is so-so at best when they're in the lineup. Can you imagine it now?

-- The hubbub over the Red Flag Rule, now known as the Jim Schwartz rule, is unreal. Why should the league change the rule during the season? How about this: Know the rules, and follow them. Is it a stupid rule? You bet. But coaches know what the rules are, and the officials warn them about it before each game. That one is on Schwartz, and at least he owned up to it.

-- Ndamukong Suh: Overrated and dirty. Concentrate more on playing football, kid, rather than being a dirty player. The more you look at his kick to the groin of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub last Thursday, the more I think it was intentional. He landed on his head, and his foot was moving in that direction, but he gave it one last kick to reach the groin. The Texans certainly thought it was intentional.

-- Now we know why the Rams were fine with drafting corner Janoris Jenkins, even though he had a laundry list of problems in college. The kid can play. He had two interception returns for a touchdown against the Cardinals. But remember, two weeks ago he was suspended for the 49ers game for violating team rules. Be smart, Janoris. You have a real chance to be a special player.

-- So Ray Lewis might be able to play again? Do the Ravens need him? They've been much better on defense without him. Nobody wants to say it, so I will. He wasn't very good when he played this season. There, I said it. 

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