MSU RB Le'Veon Bell says he was asked about sexuality at combine

NFL teams ask prospects all kinds of crazy things at the combine. At least one question at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine crossed the line with Colorado tight end Nick Kasa being asked if he "liked girls."

And now we know of at least one more prospect whose sexuality was brought into question, as Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell was asked by WDFN in Detroit whether he was asked about his sexuality.

"Yeah, yeah, there were questions just like that," Bell said, via the Detroit News. "There were definitely a couple of weird questions. I got asked so many of them, I don't remember them all. But that was definitely a couple of questions I got asked."

The NFL already said it would investigate the Kasa matter and how it went down. And it now likely will have a second investigation on its hands.

The NFLPA certainly doesn't appreciate the questions being asked.

Atallah's point was echoed by NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith following the Kasa incident, when Smith also (albeit with less pop culture references) referred to the matter as "discrimination."

"I know that the NFL agrees that these types of questions violate the law, our CBA and player rights," Smith said. "I hope that they will seek out information as to what teams have engaged in this type of discrimination and we should then discuss appropriate discipline."

It's clearly illegal to discriminate when hiring based on sexuality. And a team, when asking if someone "likes girls" -- assuming they're not inquiring about the popularity of a Lena Dunham TV show -- is inherently setting up for discrimination based on sexuality.

The NFL would be well-served to show that it means business by finding out who was at fault here and issuing an appropriate punishment.

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