After spending three years at Texas A&M, Myles Garrett is hoping that he'll be able to stay in the Lone Star State when his NFL career begins next season.

During an interview with ESPN on Friday, the projected No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft pleaded with the Cowboys to select him with the top pick when the draft kicks off on April 27.

Now, you might be wondering, "How could the Cowboys possibly take Garrett with the top pick since they don't have it?"

Don't worry, Garrett thought of that. In a video message to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett, the Texas A&M defensive end explained how Dallas can make this all happen: Trade Tony Romo to Cleveland.

"I'm speaking to you Jerry. Mr. Garrett, make it happen," the 21-year-old said in the video. "I need you to take Tony Romo, take a couple picks and give them to Cleveland so you can pick me up. Please, I'd love to play in Dallas, just make it happen."

Garrett has been dropping subtle hints over the past month that he doesn't really want to end up in Cleveland. In the days leading up to A&M's appearance in the AdvoCare Texas Bowl, Garrett said he'd be willing to play anywhere next season as long as temperatures are warm.

"It doesn't matter, but I'd like to not go anywhere cold," Garrett said at the end of December.

Now, the hints aren't so subtle. Most of the time, a player at the top of the draft will say he's willing to play anywhere in the NFL; however, Garrett apparently didn't get that memo because he clearly wants to play for the Cowboys.

The Browns shouldn't necessarily take offense to Garrett's comments though, because it's not completely shocking that he wants to play for the Cowboys. After all, he did grow up in Arlington, Texas.

Unfortunately for Garrett. the odds of the Cowboys moving up from the 28th pick to No. 1 are about zero percent. Even if Cleveland wanted Romo, there's no way they'd give up the top pick in the draft for an injury-riddled 36-year-old quarterback.

If Garrett doesn't want to play in cold weather next year, he should hope he falls to fourth overall and lands in Jacksonville. San Francisco would also be warmer than Cleveland, and the 49ers have the second overall pick.

Although we don't know who will pick Garrett, we do know one thing about draft day: Garrett doesn't plan to be on hand when he's selected. The defensive end has already announced that he doesn't plan to attend April's draft, which will be held in Philadelphia.